Milang is the only town on the shores of Lake Alexandrina.  It lies less than 100 kilometres from Adelaide and is a quiet little spot, although it does become busy during peak periods.  The waters of the Lake are very shallow and activities such as sailing fishing, swimming and jet skiing are popular.  Although not camping in the true sense, Milang has a caravan park almost at the lake's edge.  It has non-powered and powered sites, as well as a few cabins.  The entire park is flat, situated at the base of a low hill, between the town itself and the lake.  Between the caravan park and the lake, there is a large, grassy reserve, so there are no shacks or houses between the caravan park and the lake.  It is a very pleasant place to camp for a few days.  Most of the sites are grass and well shaded.

I have been visiting Milang frequently over the last couple of years - for the fishing of course.  It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the shallow waters, sandy bottom and extensive reed beds attract some large carp.  You can fish the shoreline along the entire length of the above-mentioned reserve and it is just a matter of walking from your campsite in the caravan park, across a road (very little traffic) and onto the reserve.  You will be in sight of your camp just about anywhere you fish along here.  As well as the carp, redfin are regularly caught, along with good numbers of shrimp at times.  The warmer months are consistent when it comes to the fish, although some nice, well-conditioned carp can be caught during the cooler months.  Shallow water and big fish means some absolutely howling runs.  If you intend to target the carp here (or anywhere for that matter) consider using "baitrunner" type reels and set your rod in a holder.  The fish really go here and it is not unusual to lose quite a lot of line on that first run.  The biggest I have managed from Milang is 6kgs and 80cm long, which is my biggest carp to date.  We have hooked much bigger though and double figure fish (over 10lbs or 5kgs) are common.

Sailing is popular in summer, but remember the afternoon breeze (wind) that is almost inevitable in the summer.  Usually around lunch time, a strong south westerly wind nearly always arrives.  At times, it is quite strong and because Lake Alexandrina is so large, conditions can become quite dangerous for small craft, with waves reaching a metre or more.  Autumn and winter winds are far more predictable but, of course, the weather is a little cooler.  Summer mornings can be very pleasant indeed, with light winds and warm temperatures.  If you have a power boat, there is a boat ramp.  Be sure to follow the channel though as the surrounding waters are very shallow.  Canoeing is popular as well, with most enthusiasts exploring the shoreline.  Crossing Lake Alexandrina in a canoe is not something to be taken lightly and is best left to experienced canoeists only, and then only those who have planned the trip thoroughly. 

Swimming along the Milang shoreline is popular and rightly so.  The bottom is sandy and quite firm for the most part and, as mentioned, very shallow.  Safe for children but please remember to keep an eye on them.  There are no currents of deep sections to worry about, but the water is very murky and it is impossible to see the bottom if the water is any deeper than 20 cm or so. 

There is a jetty and is a good platform for fishing or swimming.  Don't dive into the water though, you can't see below the surface and it's not very deep.

The Langhorne Creek winery region is not far from Milang.   Currency Creek and Victor Harbour are both within comfortable driving distance too.  Strathalbyn is a slightly larger town and is only about 20 kilometres away.  The small town of Clayton Bay is about the same distance and is another nice little spot to stay for a couple of days.

MIlang itself has a pub, general store and a nice bakery.

The surrounding country side is flat and is one of the State's premier dairy farming regions.

On the north-eastern side of the caravan park, there is a small wetland type area that attracts a number of bird species and the lake itself is home to numerous water birds. 

If you are visiting for the sole purpose of fishing, then I would suggest going during off peak times and during the week if possible.  Because the water is shallow, the fish will spook if there is too much activity with swimmers and jet skis in particular putting them off.  Having said that though, there will still be fish to be caught.  Carp in particular are not always shy. 

The MIlang shoreline faces south east, so strong easterly of south-easterly winds will be onshore.  North westerlies are offshore, but these can be strong winds and, although the water is calm close in, a kilometre of two offshore and it may be quite choppy.  Strong south to south westerly winds will be blowing from your right to left.  Light winds from any direction is the perfect scenario for all activities.  The temperature at Milang tends to be a few degrees cooler than those predicted for Adelaide (not always), so it it's a nice spot to head to when Adelaide is hit by soaring temperatures in summer. 

The rates at the caravan park are very reasonable and the amenities are clean and well looked after.  An ideal spot to relax for a while. 

Phone number for the Milang Caravan Park is 08 8537 0282 or email